Sabado, Hulyo 2, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and technology

           Nowadays science has a great contribution in everyday life. Let's start from the home.The appliances like washing machine,electric stove,microwave oven,bread toaster and rice cooker makes house chores more easier while the television,DVD,play station,radio,electric fan and aircon makes life more comfortable. 
While in the office and in school we have the electrical calculator,bundy clock, the laptops computers and printers is a big help on our school work and office work.

Now let's go to the industrial world. The modern equipments that makes processed goods,canned goods,bottle drinks and others.We also have machines that makes dresses,pants and a lot more things that can be useful.

Furthermore science is also in our transportation, making cars, jeepneys, LRT,MRT, etc. that helps people go from one place to another, and also  the ship for water transportation and airplane for air transportation.

Science is a big factor for making people to look more beautiful and pleasing nowadays.For example , the lyposuction,breast implant, and other enhancing procedures that people do to please their personal satisfaction.In addition, science also prolong the life of people by taking medicines which are the product of science.Now we also have a modern technology to easily detect one's sickness in that way we can easily cure the said disease.

Likewise, we can detect volcanic eruptions , earthquakes, typhoons and other natural calamities by using seismograph or other detectors so that people can prepare for the coming of such event.Lastly, because of the science and technology , people can now explore in the outer space.We can now monitor the movements of the heavenly bodies.

         On the other hand, science and technology has also many disadvantages.People now are getting lazy because they depend too much on the modern appliances at home.And also the effect of the modern television and internet the youngster nowadays are getting addicted on the entertainment they get to it that results to the teenagers to become disrespectful and more violent.

Modern equipments now that are used in the factories produces bad smoke that results to air pollution that destroys our ozone layer that leads to global warming.Factories throw their trash and spills on the water that caused water pollution that results to a dirty rivers and sea that makes the fishes die or red tide.This pollutions causes diseases and sickness to the people.

And when it comes to medicines, there are also bad medicines like addictive drugs and contraceptives.

  All in all we already know the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology.It's up to us people how to make good use of it for us not to be affected by its disadvantages.

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